Headhunterz presents interactive masterclasses

The Art of Production

Headhunterz has created an interactive online platform for producers to learn the art of creating Hardstyle music: The Art of Production. You will be able to upload your music and get feedback from Headhunterz himself in exclusive live and limited capacity sessions, with a select group of Hardstyle producers and fanatics from all skill levels. Each session will be pay per view.

The Art of Production goes far beyond a standard production masterclass. It is a fully interactive experience in a small group, with an inbuilt chat where you can ask questions and chat with others. In addition to getting musical feedback from Headhunterz, you will also be able to meet other producers and become part of a new Hardstyle music production community.

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“The path to learning to produce Hardstyle is a unique path that comes with it’s own challenges. I have seen many tutorials out there on the internet and there are many roads that lead to Rome, but I am convinced that there is still a lot to be discovered that is not common knowledge amongst the community.

By personally guiding people on the path that I have been on myself for over 15 years, I see an opportunity to share invaluable insight that will help upcoming producers speed up their learning process and let their creative potential flourish by overcoming obstacles that keeps them from letting their ideas come to live in the way they have it in mind.” — Headhunterz

After many years of learning and discovering the secrets of creating Hardstyle music, and in response to high demand, the time has come for Headhunterz to share his knowledge.

See you in the classroom!