On the 23rd of December, Headhunterz will play his very last live performance at 013, Tilburg. After announcing his decision to quit performing and touring, the legend in hardstyle music is set to play one more unforgettable and 100% exclusive Up Close and Personal show.


“We all live our own lives, deal with our own struggles. But we all come together in this music that we call our home. It guides us through our lives.”

Final shows

“This is not an end. It’s the turning of a page to open up a new chapter of my life and my musical journey. But not before giving it the closing it deserves. That is why I am hosting a final show, to do this the way that feels exactly right to me. Up, close and personal. A chance to honor everything we created together. Me, some of my dearest colleagues and you.”

Join this memorable moment on Saturday the 23rd of December in 013, Tilburg.



Headhunterz’ many years of dedication has without a doubt made a huge impact on the hardstyle scene. From the moment his first record came out, his unique melodic and energetic take on the genre stood out. Going strong for 15+ years, he kick-started a new movement within the international music scene, flying the flag of hardstyle music. Headhunterz’ rise is unparalleled, driven by a strong sense of belonging to the hardstyle scene. To this day, he continues to take hardstyle to new heights.

Headhunterz was the first international superstar of our beloved genre. He has produced iconic anthems for Defqon.1, Qlimax and Hard Bass, performed countless times on the most prestigious stages, and he is a part of hardstyle’s most exclusive live act — Project One. Without his drive, creativity and bravery, Hardstyle, as we know it today, would be a very different entity.

Orange Heart

On the 17th of December 2019, a brand new show experience was premiered at Paradiso Amsterdam: Orange Heart. Those who enjoy hardstyle music on a regular basis don’t need any explanation: Orange Heart stands for the love for hardstyle. It’s the home for hardstyle fans around the world, who all carry the love for this music inside them.

Orange Heart at Paradiso was the kick-off for a new innovative show concept, bringing hardstyle to festivals and clubs worldwide in a new and engaging way, with a developed storyline that ties in deeply to the music.

Stay tuned for a new Orange Heart concept in 2023.

Art of Creation

After a decade of countless shared memories and magical collaborations, Headhunterz and Wildstylez align paths and seal their friendship to establish a visionary movement: Art of Creation. The blueprint of the label originates from their mutual artistic – often melodic – approach to Hardstyle that has inspired many of us throughout the years. Radiant and pure, crafted with passion and precision.

Art of Creation represents a scene that surpasses the ordinary – one of the few where unity and dedication are still key values. A community that is bound by a history, a path, a purpose. Art of Creation sets out to honor these values, revive the past and contribute to its future by introducing a new storyline where we will set forth on our journey and bring along new talent on the rise.

The future ahead lives in our imagination. Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.

Project One

More than 10 years after their first appearance, Project One still manages to wow the international hardstyle crowds, shake the foundations with outstanding sets and inspire fans and colleagues with groundbreaking tracks and collabs.

Project One is the joint venture of legendary hardstyle DJ’s and producers Headhunterz and Wildstylez. Two kings in their own right, binding their strengths to create a brand new realm in a scene that’s dedicated, beloved and – above all – passionate. When the undisputed #1 in hardstyle – Headhunterz, and the creator of undeniably the greatest hits in hardstyle – Wildstylez, come together, Project One magic happens.

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