Aiming For Ur Brain Some tracks simply hit the target. Shot with determination, hitting right into bull͛s eye. Aiming For Ur Brain is one of them. It marks the beginning of the Headhunterz journey, causing the giant leap of faith that has taken en Willem further than he͛d ever imagined. He remembers quite well. At the end of 2005, Willem and his producer buddy Bobby were studying at the Tilburg Rock Academy. Instead of taking classes, he would lock himself up in his room and spend day and night, mastering the producer tricks. He felt that the Academy couldn͛t teach him what he wanted, and so he decided to focus on his own goal: to go for hardstyle. One night, he and producer buddy Bobby were toying around with recording equipment in one of the Academy͛s studios. At a certain point, Willem said: ͞Headhunterz, aiming for your brain.͟ To which Bobby, as a joke, replied: ͞Dat voel je meteen.͟ (Dutch for ͚That hits you instantly.͛) If you listen to the track today, you͛ll notice Willem͛s contagious laugh, recorded during that very moment. And that͛s the beauty of it. Not only does its pounding bass hit in where needed, it͛s also got that spontaneous recording, a classic phrase in hardstyle. As Willem͛s very first release on Scantraxx, and the first track that was hammered at all big hardstyle parties, it plays a big role in the history of Headhunterz. Willem:͛͟ Aiming For Ur Brain͛ gave me an incredible motivational boost. I thought to myself: this is going to be it, this will work! Thanks to the track and the Scantraxx contract, I decided to quite my studies. It has been the catalyst. This is the track that made everything serious. ͚Aming For Ur Brain͛ convinced me that this was going to be my path to follow.

Produced by Headhunterz

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